Unexpected Journey was held in 2013 for the very first time. Before that year there was an introduction week for all the BUas academies. This introduction week was first held in Wortel, Belgium. The required facilities were not available at this location which meant that the organisation had to make sure there were toilettes, showers and so on, like you still see with most festivals that span multiple days. In 2000, the introduction week moved to Poppel, a small town just across the border in Belgium. The introduction week here was much the same like it was in Wortel with tents and facilities that were hired. On the first day, the new students left Breda on their bicycles and went to Poppel to stay there for 3 or 4 days. All the activities that were held during this week were at Poppel which meant that there was not really a connection with Breda and the school. The students slept in big tents so they didn’t have to bring their own. 

Poppel 2012
Poppel 2012 (2)

As mentioned earlier, the Unexpected Journey as a standalone introduction week was held in 2013. That was also the moment the introduction week like it was prior to 2013 was divided into four introduction weeks. Unexpected Journey is the introduction week for the domains of Leisure & Events and Tourism. The split also meant that all the introduction weeks moved to a new location. In the case of Unexpected Journey, the location was the ‘Racketcentrum’ (for sleeping) and ‘Kunstijsbaan’ (for partying), The next few years sleeping and partying was done at the ‘Racketcentrum’ but in 2018 it reverted back to the set-up of 2013 after renovations in the ‘Racketcentrum’. By moving the introduction week to Breda, the students were able to learn more about Breda and the school before starting their studies.

If you want to know what the themes were in the previous years of Unexpected Journey you can see them below. 

Previous edition

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