Welcome to your Unexpected Journey!

The new academic year has officially started after Unexpected Journey 2020. This means that the new students at Breda University of Applied Sciences have embarked upon a great journey. For about 1000 students their journey started with the introduction days of Unexpected Journey. The new students got the chance to meet their class, the teachers, get acquainted with the BUas-campus and the city of Breda.

Unexpected Journey 2020 was a little bit different of course than prior years due to circumstances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic but not less special. The program was ‘Corona-proof’ and was filled with fun and exciting activities on the BUas-campus and the city center of Breda.

If you are curious how the introduction days of Unexpected Journey went than be sure to check out our pictures on the website or on our Instagram- and Facebook page. Also you can find the aftermovie below!

We will keep you posted on the developments surrounding Unexpected Journey 2021 in the coming time here on our website.