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Alternative programme Unexpected Journey 2020

After our previous message about cancelling the introduction week Unexpected Journey 2020, we now have good news! Although it is impossible to organise the introduction as we are used to, we have compiled an alternative introduction programme.

Every academy of Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) has been allocated a day in the week of Monday 31 August up to and including Friday 4 September on which they can welcome their first-year students to the campus. For each academy, the alternative programme will last one day instead of the usual four days. In this way, the RIVM guidelines can be adhered to, and participants’ safety can be guaranteed. Of course, the full programme will be offered ‘corona-proof’.

When will the alternative introduction programme of Unexpected Journey take place?

Unexpected Journey is the introduction week for the degree programmes delivered by the Academy for Leisure & Events and the Academy for Tourism. When the days were divided among the academies, the following days were allocated for the alternative introduction programmes:

  • Academy for Leisure & Events: Monday 31 August;
  • Academy for Tourism: Tuesday 1 September.

Because these academies deliver a large number of degree programmes, a specific overview of dates, for each degree programme, will be added to the Unexpected Journey website at a later stage.

How does the programme look like?

The alternative programme will take place on the campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) this year. Between 10.00 hrs and 20.00 hrs a full programme will be organised for students starting their studies at BUas and they will make the acquaintance of their classmates, study coach, degree programme, academy and the campus.

In the morning, students will make the acquaintance of their classmates and study coach, and in the afternoon, emphasis will be laid on getting to know their degree programme, academy and the campus. This day will be concluded by a dinner and drinks party for each class.

Furthermore, we are currently working very hard on a programme enabling the students to get to know the student city of Breda. As it is still unclear at this stage what will be possible, two options are now being taken into account. If the programme takes place in the city in a physical form, it will be organised on Wednesday 2 September for the Academy for Leisure & Events, and on Thursday 3 September for the Academy for Tourism. If the programme should be offered online, it will take place on Thursday 3 September for both academies. We hope we can give further details about this ‘city day’ as soon as possible.

A detailed overview of the programme can be found on the subpage “Programme’.

What will BUas organise during the introduction day?

Apart from the entire programme, BUas will also organise a lunch, dinner and drinks party during the alternative introduction programme. Furthermore, participants will receive an introduction package consisting of, among other things, an introduction T-shirt and goodies from various partners.

What does participation cost?

Students starting their studies at BUas will be offered the full alternative introduction programme free of charge. They are required to register via the Unexpected Journey website under the subpage ‘Registration’.

Where can further details be found?

We are currently working hard to give substance to the alternative programme, and then integrate it to our website. The Unexpected Journey organisers strive for providing the website with the most up-to-date information and further details. Students who are allowed to participate in the introduction days will receive an email with further details at a later stage. In the meantime, all the developments can be followed via the website and social media channels of Unexpected Journey 2020.

We as organisers are pleased that we will still be able to offer an adjusted introduction programme in this special time. If you have any questions concerning the programme, we can be contacted via several channels that can be found on the subpage ‘Contact’. We look forward to welcoming our new students to our wonderful campus during the alternative introduction programme!