Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Unexpected Journey?

A: Unexpected Journey is the annual introduction week for the new students of the degree programs Leisure & Events management, Leisure & Events management (NL), Tourism management, Tourism management (NL), Bachelor of Sciences Leisure Studies, Bachelor of Sciences Tourism, AD Tourism management (NL), Pre-master and Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Q: Why should I enrol for the introduction?

A: The introduction is a great start to your academic year! You will get to know your fellow students through an entertaining program with multiple fun activities that you will participate in with your class. Besides you will also get to know the best locations in Breda, where for instance you can have great meal or night out.

Q: When will Unexpected Journey take place?

A: The introduction program of Unexpected Journey 2022 will take place between Monday 29 August and Friday 2 September. Programs included in this Academy are: Leisure & Events Management (NL), Leisure & Events Management, Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies, Pre-master Leisure and Tourism Studies, Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies, AD Tourism Management (NL), Tourism Management (NL), Tourism Management, Bachelor of Science Tourism and Master Tourism Destination Management.

Q: Can I also participate in parts of the program?

A: No, it is only possible to participate in the entire program.

Q: Where can I find my student number?

A: You will get your student number from BUas via e-mail. This mail will also contain your password. If you have not received your student number yet, it will still be possible to enrol for the introduction days.

Q: What is the general language of the introduction?

A: The general language during the introduction is English. Across the Dutch degree programs, it will be mostly dutch in the classes itself. Classes of the international degree programs will be in English.

Q: How do I travel to the introduction week?

A: The introduction week is accessible through different means. Check out our page ‘Route’ for a more detailed description.

Q: Which studies can participate during the introduction week?

A: The following studies can participate during Unexpected Journey:

Academy for Tourism:

  • AD Tourism Management (NL) – Associate degree
  • Tourism management (NL) – Bachelor including compact students
  • Tourism Management – Bachelor including compact students
  • Bachelor of Science Tourism – Bachelor academic

Academy for Leisure & Events:

  • Leisure & Events Management (NL) – Bachelor including compact students 
  • Leisure & Events Management – Bachelor including compact students
  • Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies (ILS) – Bachelor academic
  • Pre-master Leisure and Tourism Studies – Pre-master academic
  • Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies – Master academic

Is your study not in this overview? Then your study hosts its own introduction program. You will be informed by your own study.

Food & Beverage

Q: What is the policy regarding alcohol and drugs during Unexpected Journey?

A: In the Netherlands, it is strictly forbidden to have and/or consume any alcohol beverages below the age of 18 years. We shall therefore maintain this law! It is also forbidden to smoke on the campus itself, with exception of the designated places. Below the age of 18 years, it is not allowed to smoke anyway. Regarding drugs, the organization is very strict and drugs in any form will not be tolerated. This means all kinds of soft and hard drugs. If you do not comply with the rules mentioned here, you will be immediately removed from the introduction week.

Q: I am allergic to something and/or I have a special diet. Will this be taken into account?

A: When you have an allergy and/or diet then you have the possibility to notify us in the registration form. Do not forget to also tell us what kind of allergy it is (allergy or intolerance). During the introduction day, the organisation will do everything they can to please all the participants as best they can regarding special wishes for food. Do you have any other questions regarding the food, send an e-mail to