Important Information


Every class will be guided by two senior students (Hoppassen). These guides will be with the class at all times. The Hoppas will be your point of contact in case of problems or questions regarding the introduction days. They will also make sure there will be a sense of security. Besides the organisation of the introduction will always be easy to contact in case you need something.

If you have enrolled to participate during the introduction but you do not feel too good, than we advise you to stay home.



During the introduction days we will provide meals. In case that you have an allergy or a special diet, you can pass that on to us in your registration form. That gives us the chance to take it into account when we order the meals. Especially nuts and gluten allergies are important for us to know. In case you are a vegetarian or vegan or you only eat halal, we also like to know that. If you have already filled in the registration form but forgot to mention your allergies. Send an e-mail to so we can make the right arrangements when the orders are made. 


The introduction will take place at the campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences. The campus can easily be reached with different modes of transport. Next to the campus is a bus stop where busses frequently stop. Furthermore, there are two parking lots at the campus but these have limited capacity. If you go to the campus by bicycle, you can access the campus via multiple roads that are connected.

A detailed route description can be found under Info à Route.