It happens frequently that students find that next step in life, college, to be very exciting but also a bit scary. The introduction week is a great way to get to know your new surroundings and fellow students but also a step into an unknown territory. So if you have doubts about joining the Unexpected Journey then let the following quotes from students who have ventured before you into the Unexpected Journey, change that.


“The day before my introduction a friend told me, your introduction week will be the best party you will ever have. I was doubting and couldnt agree because I didnt know what was coming, maybe I will not have a nice class. After experiencing the unexpected journey I absolutely degree, without a doubt that it was definitely the best party of my life. An absolutely amazing experience which I will never forget. I have met the nicest friends and I really like to stimulate other people to do that too, enjoy this amazing week and let them experience that the unexpected is the best thing.”


“The introduction week was the best possible start to my life in Breda. It broke all my expectations and we had a blast! The hoppassen showed us the way and are still available for any help we need.”

An experience you don't want to miss!