Packing List

This year the packing list will not be required, the reason is that the introduction will take place at the campus and all necessary items will be provided by the organisation.

What to bring:

  • Sleeping bag, pillow and air mattress: During the introduction you will sleep in a big tent.  Although this will be a heated accommodation, you will need a sleeping bag, pillow and something to sleep on, like an air mattress because the floor is not a good option.
  • Medication: Please do not forget your medication if you need to take them.
  • Money : Please make sure you have enough money with you.  It is also possible to pay by card at all the locations.
  • Insurance papers: The Introduction Committee will make sure to organize the Introduction Week as safely as possible. However, you can never be too careful, so take your insurance papers with you.
  • Sport clothes and swim suits: There will be different (water) activities at our sports day. For this day you will need sports clothes and/or a swim suit. On Friday there will be a swimming pool party (not part of the’ program, but free to join for everyone); swimsuits will  be  mandatory at this party.
  • Passport/identification: In the Netherlands it is obliged by law that you can identify yourself at any given moment. Therefor you will need to take your identification with you everywhere you go.
  • Telephone and Charger: You need to bring your own phone charger. We also recommend to bring your own powerbank.
  • Toiletries and Towels: Do not forget your toiletries for the  introduction, we cannot provide them for you. Also take enough towels with you for each day. Also keep in mind that there will  be a sports day with different (water) activities.
  • Clothing: During the introduction you get a shirt of the introduction week. It is mandatory to wear this shirt during the whole week. There is the possibility to buy an extra shirt at the introductionweek. If you want to buy an extra shirt, make sure you fill in the formdesk form right. Did you already fill in the form and did not touched the button of an extra shirt, than mail to  Only at the theme party you may wear your own themed accessories. Normally we have beautiful weather during the introduction week, unfortunately we can’t predict the weather yet. So it would be wise to bring short and long clothing with you.
  • Themed Clothing: At the last night of the introduction week we will have a theme party, it would be lovely if all of you take some themed accessories with you. The theme is “Apres Ski”, so make sure you put on your Tiroler outfit.
  • Rain clothing: We recommend that you take a raincoat with you because, unfortunately the weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable.
  • Sun tan lotion: We recommend that you take Sun tan lotion with you.

What you should not bring:

  • Bike: There is no need to bring your bike to the intro because we are going to the different locations by bus. However there is a parking area where your bike will be stored the whole week, but the storage will not being guarded.
  • Hair devices: According to the combination of Power shortage and safety, it is not allowed to bring hair devices.*
  • Alcohol: You can get this during the evening activities so there is no need to bring your own.*
  • Drugs: Drugs are a no-go if you are caught using, dealing or have it in your possession, it will lead to immediate removal from the introduction week! Beside you don’t need this garbage to have a great time ;).*
  • Glass (with the exception of perfume): You are allowed to bring perfume but other items made of glass are not permitted because this can only cause unnecessary injuries.*
  • Weapons of any kind: There is no need for bringing this to the introduction week.*
  • Expensive equipment or jewelry: The organisation is not responsible for damaged items or items that are lost. So if you don’t need it than it is better to leave it at home.
  • Friends and family: During the introduction week you will meet a lot of new friends and your new class will feel like family in only matter of time and your Hoppassen will be your mommy and daddy. So we got you covered there.
  • Pets: We know that we are going to take you to the “Apres Ski” but an Apres Ski is not a good place for pets. You can however bring your teddy bear or something like that if you want to keep you company during these exciting nights.

 remember: DARE TO DISCOVER!

*Illegal things you bring with you could be taken by the Introduction committee and if needed they will also hand it over to the Police.