Privacy Policy Registration Form

You can also read this page (Privacybeleid Inschrijvingsformulier) in Dutch!

Why do we need the information we ask you?
To check who is who and add you the assigned group
Date of Birth:
To give you the proper wristband according to your age
To provide you with further information about Unexpected Journey
To proof your registration at the Breda University of Applied Sciences
To contact you directly, in case of any circumstances which can influence your participation of Unexpected Journey
Education to follow:
All participants will be divided in groups which will be conform their education.
Shirt size:
To provide you with a shirt which will match your size
Who to reach incase of emergency? (Name + telephone):
To contact third parties in case of emergency
Diet preferences:
To take into account your preferences and wishes concerning the food & beverages we provide.
Medical attention:
To take into account your medical needs in case of emergency

Purposes and legal bases for processing:

  • To confirm your participation
  • To confirm you are a student of the Breda University of Applied Sciences
  • To send you information of Unexpected Journey
  • To provide you proper food and beverages
  • To contact third parties in case of emergency

Consequences of not providing personal data
If you decide not to provide the information which is asked in the form, the organisation of Unexpected Journey cannot guarantee to provide you with the correct information, food & beverages, clothing, form groups, or inform third parties when needed.

Duration of storage of the provided information to the organisation of Unexpected Journey
The information you have provided to the organisation of Unexpected Journey will be kept safe in a database of the Unexpected Journey organisation. The information will be shared with:

  • The organisation of Unexpected Journey has full access to the data
  • The volunteers of Unexpected Journey will only have access to their own group member names, phone-number and education information. Which consist of (I)LM, (I)TM, BTO, ILS, AD. For guiding and helping the participants in the group.
  • Facility volunteers will only have access to diet wishes for distributing food & beverages.
  • 4 months after the event the personal data of the participants, which is provided via the Formdesk form sent after paying via BUAS More to the Unexpected Journey organisation will be deleted. Until then, the information is needed for the aftercare of the event.

Insight personal data
The participant has the right to inspect, rectify or delete the personal data.
Please contact the Unexpected Journey organisation if this is desirable.