The alternative program of Unexpected Journey will be divided across two days. The degree programs of the Academy for Leisure & Events have a program on Monday 31 August and Wednesday 2 September and the degree programs of the Academy for Tourism follow their program on Tuesday 1 September and Thursday 3 September.

The first day will be all about getting to know the school, the degree programme, your coach and your fellow students while the second day will be about the city of Breda.

Day 1: The Campus

All students will gather between 10 am and 11 am at the campus and will then go with their coach and Hoppassen towards their classroom so everyone can get meet each other. The students will get to meet their coach and the rest of their class, by playing a game. In the morning, all classes will get a speech from the academy director and the coordinator of the propaedeutic year of their academy. After getting to know their class better in the morning, there will be a lunch in the class.

In the afternoon, there is an interactive program in which students will learn more about the campus and their degree programs. This will be divided into four activities:

– A show in which there will be good look on the Dutch culture with a good dose of humour;

– An activity related to the study so you can have a first taste of what you can expect during your first year of your studies;

– A tour around the campus which will give you the possibility to learn about the most important places there and more;

– An active moment in which you have to participate with your entire class to get a bit loosened up.

When the program in the afternoon ends, all the classes will have dinner in their designated classrooms. There will also be time left to have a alcohol-free drink with your classmates. To have a fun end to the day, there will be an awesome quiz you can participate in with your class for amazing prices. This will conclude your meeting with Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Day 2: Breda

On the second day, all the students will gather at a yet to be announced location to have a tour throughout the city in while also having different activities in the city. Under guidance of your Hoppassen, you will get to know the different hotspots of Breda like where you can relax, to meet with your fellow students, do fun activities and a whole lot more!

More information about the exact program of this day will follow via e-mail!