This year Unexpected Journey will take place between Tuesday 31 August and Friday 3 September. The introduction program for each Academy consists of two introduction days: a campus day on the BUas-campus and a city day in Breda. 

To offer the program fully corona-proof, the program is divided over multiple days. This way the RIVM-guidelines can be wielded and the safety of all participants will be warranted. On which day you will have your introduction, depends on the education you enrolled in:

  • Tuesday 31 August: campus day for the programmes of the Academy for Leisure & Events;
  • Wednesday 1 September: campus day for the programmes of the Academy for Tourism;
  • Thursday 2 September: city day for the programmes of the Academy for Leisure & Events;
  • Friday 3 September: city day for the programmes of the Academy for Tourism;

Campus day

During the campus day you will get acquainted with Breda University of Applied Sciences, your classmates and of course our campus. The morning program is all about you meeting your new classmates by means of introductory games. After eating lunch together, you will get to discover your new campus. Next to a fun tour of our buildings, it is time for music, sports and games. Furthermore we will have a big and diner together and a exciting evening program.

City day

The morning of the city day is all centered around Music Moves. Together with 10,000 hours and Bo-Diversity, Unexpected Journey is working on a program of Music Moves Breda. Music Moves is a national program where young professionals will be transformed into event managers by means of a four-part training program with an eye for social interests. Eventually they will organise events during the introduction week for people who have the right to be seen and heard once more in society. Participants of Unexpected Journey will contribute to the events of Music Moves. 

After the morning program with Music Moves and some lunch, it is time to get to know Breda better. Throughout the day various activities will be organised in Breda which you and your classmates will participate in. Lastly we will have a great evening program in store at a special location.

If you are curious to see how previous introduction weeks of Unexpected Journey were organised, be sure to check out the pictures on our website or visit our Instagram- and Facebook Page. In addition you can find all aftermovies of previous years on our website!