Student Life

Special thanks to Stappen & Shoppen for providing the photos.

Life in the city of Breda

Breda is the greatest student city in Noord-Brabant. The city is very accessible for the students. Being a student, is a lot more than just studying but also have new experiences during your studies. In Breda there are numerous possibilities and attractions to have those experiences. Breda has multiple cinemas, Pathé is located at the ‘Chasséveld’ en at Breepark you can find the big Kinepolis cinema. Furthermore you have the Chassé Theater which is one of the crone jewels of Breda. With about 350 shows every year in three theatre halls, three cinema halls and multiple places where you can study and work for school, makes Chassé theater a hot spot for everyone. You also have the opportunity to walk or relax at the ‘Valkenbergpark’. When the weather is good, you can have a picknick or just relax with friends and/or family. Besides there are multiple events taking place there during the year like for instance Palm Parkies. If you like to exercise then Breda has multiple locations for you to chose like BRESS. BRESS works together with Breda University of Applied Sciences and as a student you can get a subscription which will let you practice more than 50 sports during the year. In the centre of Breda the ‘Havermarkt’ and ‘Grote Markt’ are located which have multiple restaurants, shops and cafes. The centre of Breda is also very bike friendly and has enough locations to park your bicycle when you’re going around the city. One thing is certain, you won’t easily get bored while in Breda!

Park Valkenberg
Grote Markt

Nightlife in Breda

The Mezz hosts concerts and nights out. In total there are about 250 of these evenings every year in the Mezz. The ‘Havermarkt’ is the nightlife centre of Breda with multiple pubs and party cafes on the market and adjacent streets. During the evenings and nights in Breda these places are bustling with life. You have the chance to go to different party cafes like for instance Peddels, Walkabout and de Kapitein to have a drink and dance the night away. If you want to have a calm drink with friends, then you can go to the Irish Pub or Poolcafe. There is also a karaoke bar called Ameezing, where you can sing along with your favorite songs on stage. From Hardstyle to Techno and from party music to the classics. You can always have a great night in Breda!  


Student associations

There are multiple student associations in Breda and the following are part of Unexpected Journey: SV. Maximus, SV. Phileas Fogg, ESN Breda and de Derde Akte.

SV. Maximus is a student association where students from BUas as well as from Avans are members. Maximus aims to connect, no matter their background, students through friendship. The commitment from their approximately 80 members make sure to welcome everyone are received with open arms, while also at the same time are building on their network. Throughout the year, they are organising many events at their clubhouse, ‘T Forum at the ‘Havermarkt’.

SV. Phileas Fogg has approximately 350 members in total and is one of the oldest student association in Breda. Their name originates from the lead character from the book: “Around the world in 80 days”. Phileas Fogg is all about seeking adventure and broadening their network. They have multiple commissions and societies, who work hard to organise activities for their members at their clubhouse, Passe Partout. 

De Derde Akte is one of the biggest student theater associations in the Netherlands. De Derde Akte was formed to be a social meeting place by and for students with a passion for theater. It is an association, where students learn about theater be it in front or behind the curtains. They offer divers studies to their members which allows them to chose how they want to develop themselves in the art of theater. Besides theater, de Derde Akte also organise activities on mondays in Café de Dunne. 

ESN Breda means for unity in diversity and diversity in unity. It is one of the more than 500 Erasmus Student Network organisations spread throughout 40 countries in Europe. They commit themselves to cultural understanding and the enrichment of their members by aiding in their cultural development and also their personal development. They work towards cultural understanding and have a lot of international members, who love to share their history and story with that goal in mind. They organise different workshops and trips but also parties at the Old Dutch.